About MariaDB

The Fastest Growing Open Source Database

MariaDB is the fastest growing Open Source database with more than 12 million users worldwide. It is the database of choice to power applications at companies like booking.com, HP, Virgin Mobile and Wikipedia. MariaDB is secure at the enterprise-level, highly reliable and trusted by the world’s leading brands. Its extensible, modern architecture at every layer in the database allows for flexible configuration that supports both traditional and emerging enterprise use cases.


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  • Innovation by the community for the community
  • Ubiquitous distribution and accessibility
  • 12 Million users
  • Founded by key leadership of MySQL



The Company Behind the Fastest Growing Open Source Database

We are the company behind MariaDB, the fastest growing Open Source database. Started by the founders of MySQL, we are passionate about reinventing the database to support today’s enterprise needs from OLTP to analytics with our MySQL alternative. We also build complementary products, including MariaDB MaxScale and MariaDB ColumnStore, that are valuable for deploying MariaDB in large, mission-critical production environments. We provide world-class support and training, and we’re an active sponsor of the MariaDB Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring continuity and open collaboration in the MariaDB ecosystem.

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Open Source History

MariaDB was created in 2009 by the same people behind MySQL, one of the most popular Open Source relational databases. The founders were inspired to develop MariaDB as an alternative to MySQL, after Oracle acquired MySQL through the Sun Microsystems acquisition. MariaDB has since replaced MySQL in many mission-critical applications and is quickly replacing other legacy relational databases in a wide variety of applications. Today, more than 12 million users in 45 countries trust critical business data to MariaDB.

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