MariaDB Enterprise Embedded Program

Today's competitive solutions market requires that OEMs and ISVs offer their customers timely, cost-competitive, and state-of-the-art functionality that can be easily upgraded and adapted to meet new business requirements. MariaDB, the fastest growing open source database, is built with an extensible architecture that provides the foundation for our OEM and ISV partners to develop and innovate together with MariaDB.

The business benefits of using MariaDB Enterprise as your OEM database solution include:

  • Extensibility – MariaDB is built with an extensible architecture where each kernel layer and storage layer can be extended for a variety of use cases. OEMs and ISVs can leverage this architecture to build a solution stack that is easy to modify and reuse.

  • Open Source – MariaDB software is under GPL and our connectors are under LGPL, which yields the rights to modify the code based on the requirements.

  • Innovation – MariaDB has a vibrant community that contributes various features to the core product such as encryption, key management services (KMS) and web scale. We work with our community to ensure continuous innovation and future viability for the solution stack that OEMs and ISVs are built on.

  • Synergy – With a deeply rooted co-innovation culture with our community, we work with numerous partners to create new and innovative solutions. MariaDB, however, is focused solely on the database and we don't sell a broad suite of IT solutions. As a partner, we encourage OEMs and ISVs to own the customer relationship.