MariaDB AX

Modern analytics and data warehousing made easy.

MariaDB AX is an enterprise open source solution for modern data warehousing — fast, powerful and scalable analytics on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure, and easy to use.


MariaDB AX now includes MariaDB ColumnStore 1.1 and data adapters for C++, Java and Python!


MariaDB AX is an enterprise open source solution for everything from business intelligence, reporting and data mining to decision support systems and recommendation engines. It provides modern analytics and data warehousing without the cost and complexity of proprietary data warehouses and hardware appliances.

MariaDB AX extends MariaDB Server to scalable, high-performance analytical workloads with distributed, columnar storage and parallel query processing, and with the latest release, introduces bulk and streaming data adapters to simplify and streamline the process of collecting and importing data — on demand or in real time.

MariaDB AX can now be combined with MariaDB TX to support both operational and analytical workloads. The data written to MariaDB TX is automatically and continuously replicated to MariaDB AX for analysis — there is no need for batch processing or manual export/import. Further, the shared foundation between MariaDB AX and MariaDB TX simplifies administration.

MariaDB AX Components

MariaDB Server

A general-purpose database with an extensible architecture

MariaDB ColumnStore

A distributed storage engine optimized for analytical workloads

MariaDB MaxScale

An advanced database proxy with intelligent routing and more

Bulk data adapters

C++, Java and Python libraries for direct data ingestion

Streaming data adapters

Apache Kafka and CDC services for streaming data ingestion


A set of administrative tools for management and monitoring

MariaDB AX diagram

What's new in MariaDB AX

Streamlined data ingestion

  • C++, Java and Python bulk data adapters enable developers and data scientists to collect and import data on demand
  • Apache Kafka and MariaDB MaxScale streaming data adapters automatically and continuously import data

Custom, extended analytics

  • APIs for user-defined aggregate and window functions can be used to create custom functions
  • TEXT and BLOB column support enables analysis of semi and unstructured data, including JSON documents

Simplified HA and DR

  • The addition of native GlusterFS support can be enabled to provide high availability and automatic failover without a SAN
  • The new backup tool uses concurrent, parallel backup and restore operations to simplify disaster recovery
MariaDB AX Datasheet

MariaDB AX



What's new

On demand recording


Features and Benefits

Analytics made flexible

The use of traditional data warehousing models (e.g., star/snowflake) is no longer required. The columnar storage engine enables the same data to be queried in different ways, and without indexes.

Analytics made fast

There is no need to wait when millions or even billions of rows can be queried in a matter of seconds. The columnar storage engine is optimized for analytical queries – queries on most, if not all, data.

Analytics made simple

The use of batch processing to import data is no longer required – developers and data scientists can collect and import data from C++, Java and Python applications using bulk data adapters.

Analytics made easy

There is no need to learn a new language or become familiar with a new type of database. MariaDB AX is built on MariaDB Server, and the data is analyzed with standard SQL – no limitations.

Analytics made affordable

There is no need for expensive hardware or proprietary appliances. The database and storage nodes are engineered to run on existing commodity hardware, on premises or in the cloud.

Analytics made scalable

The storage and processing capacity can be increased by scaling out. The data is automatically partitioned and distributed when running multiple nodes – to query more data, add more nodes.

Analytics made current

There is no need to wait for new data. The streaming data adapters for Apache Kafka* and MariaDB MaxScale change-data-capture streams can be used to automatically and continuously import new data.

Analytics made powerful

The analytical capabilities can be extended by developers and data scientists using the user-defined aggregate and window function API to create custom analytical and statistical functions.

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