MariaDB ColumnStore

Powering scalable, high-performance analytics with MariaDB

MariaDB ColumnStore is a storage engine optimized for modern analytical workloads – distributed and with parallel query processing for greater scalability, and columnar storage for higher efficiency and query performance. MariaDB AX extends MariaDB Server with MariaDB ColumnStore, data adapters and tools to create an enterprise open source solution for modern analytics and data warehousing.

What's new

  • Custom analytics: user-defined aggregate and window functions
  • Semi and unstructured data: TEXT and BLOB columns
  • Simplified HA and DR: transparent GlusterFS support, parallel backup/restore

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The data is automatically partitioned and distributed to multiple storage nodes – deploy more storage nodes to store and query more data.



SQL queries can be load balanced with multiple query nodes and executed on multiple partitions in parallel with multiple storage nodes.


The data is stored by column for higher compression, reduced disk IO and lower query latency — necessary to query many, if not all, rows.


The analytical capabilities can be extended by creating custom functions with the user-defined aggregate and window function APIs.


TEXT and BLOB column support for analysis of semi and unstructured data, including JSON documents and binary data.


GlusterFS support as an option for high availability and automatic failover, and backup/restore with parallel rsync and centralized management.