Why MariaDB

Fastest growing Open Source database

MariaDB is the fastest growing Open Source database with more than 12 million users worldwide. Started by the founders of MySQL, MariaDB Corporation is reinventing the database to support today’s enterprise needs from OLTP to analytics from a single SQL compliant interface. MariaDB products include the widely adopted open source MariaDB Server and complementary products including MariaDB MaxScale and MariaDB ColumnStore, that are valuable for deploying MariaDB in large, mission-critical environments.

Key requirements that drive adoption of MariaDB products are enterprise-grade performance, industry-leading security trusted by banks and government, world-class support and a modern, unique architecture, which is extensible at every layer so users and the community can extend functionality to meet unique needs.



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Modern and Extensible at Every Layer

MariaDB is built on a modern architecture that is extensible at every layer: client, cluster, kernel and storage. This extensibility provides two major advantages. It allows for continual community innovation via plugins, which means that a variety of storage engines – like MariaDB ColumnStore or Facebook’s MyRocks – can be integrated through MariaDB’s extensible architecture. Additionally, it makes it easy for customers to configure MariaDB to support a wide variety of use cases from OLTP to OLAP.

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Fastest Growing Open Source Database

MariaDB is the fastest growing open source database. MariaDB’s growth is accelerated by 12 million users in 45 countries who not only run mission-critical applications but also continuously innovate and actively contribute new technology to MariaDB projects. Additionally, MariaDB is a default database to major Linux distributions like Red Hat and SUSE, and is available through major cloud providers like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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Secure at Every Level

MariaDB is engineered to secure the database at every layer, making it a trusted general-purpose database used in industries like government and banking that require the highest level security features. It detects and prevents attacks with access control, Key Management Services and authentication. MariaDB also protects data in motion and at rest with TLS/SSL as well as native encryption. Ongoing engineering investment in advancing MariaDB security features, combined with a vast ecosystem and continuous open source innovations from the community, makes MariaDB the trusted database for leading brands worldwide.

World-Class Support

MariaDB Support engineers have deep experience as DBAs and software developers. Our first-line support personnel are technical experts in MariaDB, and can quickly resolve most issues without requiring additional assistance. We also offer a wide variety of services – Remote DBA, Consulting, Training, Technical Account Manager and Migration Practice to help users get the most out of their database deployment.