Enterprise Architect

MariaDB Enterprise Architects offer long-term database strategies to support your business goals

In a busy enterprise with constant IT demands, managing databases can get in the way of innovation. MariaDB’s Enterprise Architects (EAs) can help by providing you with a highly customized technical roadmap to convert your IT challenges into actionable plans.

Your dedicated EA will take the time to learn about your business, and apply that deep knowledge to offer specific advice and a long-term roadmap for your data ecosystem. Contracting with a MariaDB Enterprise Architect is like hiring a top-tier database expert, but at a fraction of the cost and management overhead.


Is a MariaDB Enterprise Architect right for you?

Would you like to

  • introduce new services to meet a rapidly increasing number of requests?
  • efficiently manage a complex database environment?
  • break down a monolithic set of applications into microservices?
  • migrate to cloud-native applications?
  • If so, ongoing architecture assistance from an expert MariaDB EA will serve your overall vision and business goals.


With a MariaDB Enterprise Architect at your disposal, you can rest easy knowing that your data usage is optimally tailored to your business goals. Our EAs provide overarching architectural review and guidance, coordinate efforts between various MariaDB technical teams, manage multiple projects and more.

Here’s what your EA brings to the table:

  • A dedicated, responsive technical resource
  • Architectural review
  • Best practice recommendations for backup, security, replication and more
  • Proactive optimization recommendations based on usage and ticket history
  • Monthly status calls to review deployment for tuning, maintenance and health check
  • Quarterly calls to review roadmap, performance, uptime and issue history
  • Quarterly on-site visits
  • A dedicated liaison between various technical teams
  • Advisory support
  • Review of security and common vulnerabilities/exposures
  • Patch and hotfix review

Want to learn more about what MariaDB Enterprise Architects can do for your business?